Work you can outsource to your VA or Social Media Manager

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If you are looking to engage with your audience in 2016, you know that you need to have a good social media presence and online identity. Of course, knowing this is one thing, putting it into action is another matter entirely. While businesses are very much aware of the need to reach out to people on social media platforms and to create engaging content on blogs and their websites, it can be difficult to find the time. At the moment, there is still a school of thought that social media work and blogging is an additional strategy for businesses.

If you have other tasks that you need to take care of, social media management can fall by the wayside, but this can prevent your business from achieving success.  This is why hiring the services of a virtual assistant, or VA, makes sense. The costs associated with hiring a virtual assistant are quite low, especially with respect to standard recruitment costs, but you will find that the benefits of the services provided by a VA and the work that they do offers up tremendous value for money. If you find that you are struggling to create the online image and identity that your business needs and deserves, outsource the key tasks and allow your business to prosper.

Social media roles a VA can undertake:

  • Posting on social media platforms
  • Create engaging and relevant titles, bios and “about me” sections
  • Scheduling posts for social media platforms
  • Acknowledging and engaging requests or questions from users
  • Running competitions
  • RT and share suitable news content
  • Reach out to local businesses or councils
  • Running advertisements
  • Creating images (perhaps using apps like Canva) to create social media posts
  • Creating video content for social media posts
  • Disseminate digital products

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Of course, to make the most of social media, you need to have content that is worth sharing and talking about. This is another area where many businesses or individuals struggle. While you may know your business or industry inside out, determining what your audience wants to read about or hear can be a difficult process and all too often, people will sit down with great intentions only to find that they have writers block.

If this happens to you, it may be best to outsource all of your content needs and this is where a Virtual Assistant can provide you with vital services that will move your business forward. It is an often repeated adage but online “content is King” and you’ll find that the work of a VA can help you to rule your industry, sector or local area.

Content work a VA can undertake:

  • Blog post or article creation
  • Proofreading and editing work
  • Copywriting
  • Review suitable news that can be used as a source of content
  • Gusts blogs and guest posting
  • Creating press releases
  • Designing catalogues, brochures and filling them with content
  • Provide you with content ideas
  • Respond to comments placed on your blog or other blogs related to you
  • Interviewing customers, employees and industry people to create content

You may also find that a social media manager or VA can provide you with assistance with SEO. Some of the most popular ways that a VA can provide you with SEO support includes:

  • Finding relevant keywords for your business
  • Finding or creating relevant Meta titles and descriptions
  • Submitting sites or content to webmasters
  • Carrying out SEO analysis of rival sites
  • Undertaking Google Analytics analysis of your site

No matter what activities you lack time or experience to engage in, make sure that your business doesn’t miss out by hiring the services of an affordable and effective virtual assistant. Follow me on Twitter @soc1albutterfly for more social media tips and get in touch if you want a chat about how you can outsource your work.