What is #wabas12 all about?

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I have only gone and volunteered myself to join in a video making project with a writers group I belong to!

WABAS stands for writers and bloggers about Spain and the 12 is for 12 videos made by 12 people to go out at 12pm over 12 days….phew! Each person involved is making a series of Spain based films about themselves, their business or their love of Spain. All the films will go out on youtube at 12pm and will contain the #WABAS12. We will all share each others film each day so we will all get at least 12 shares each, hopefully many more from you guys too.

This is about as hard as it gets for me, I am a big girl and appearing in front of a camera is my worst nightmare but as a very wise friend has said we have an idea in our heads of what we look like so the reality is sometimes a shock to us but what appears on a photo or film is what other people see us as so it is only ourselves who judge.

My series is about my Supported Holidays Spain business and also my self catering holiday apartment, my husband and I have been out and about doing road trips and filming our local area to show folks what we have to offer in our little part of Andalucia. We also have some slide shows of the apartment and some great photos of our past Supported Holidays guests.

If you see the #WABAS12 knocking about do have a look at these fab films made by some amazing people, and share them with your friends. I can’t promise mine will be in any way professional but I guess we all have to start somewhere!!

Please do subscribe to my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/CortijoLosAlmendros1

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Keep an eye out for the hashtag at 12pm from the 13th to the 24th December and most of all ENJOY!!