What is Wabas?

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Wabas is a Facebook group for writers and bloggers about Spain, founded by Graham Hunt of the Spanish Property Network in 2011. The aim of the group is for like-minded, positive people to come together for mutual benefit to promote Spain and all things Spanish. Check out Wabas member Molly’s take on What is WABAS and Lisa’s Meeting People in Spain: Giving, Sharing and Learning!

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We are a community of writers who share each other’s work on our social networks, share news stories about Spain, help each other out and share our skills with the group. For me personally the Wabas has been a huge support through some tough financial times, the group members are encouraging and have helped me a lot with confidence issues and finding work. It is a great community to be a part of.

Not only is Wabas a Facebook group, we meet in person too and the third Wabas annual conference has just been held in Granada. The conferences are a reflection of the group and consist of talks and presentations throughout the weekend, as well as joint collaborations in the months following each event. The first Wabas conference was held in Valencia (I sadly didn’t attend) and was the start of something really special. The second was in Malaga and was at a time for me that was quite difficult but attending was the best thing I could have done and I have never looked back. As I mentioned already, the third conference was held in Granada at Hotel Andalucia Center, who kindly let us use their conference facilities for free. Take a look at Maya’s Social Media in Action: Writers And Bloggers About Spain 2013 to read about the first two conferences and Fiona‘s A meeting of minds and Moorish magnificence by moonlight is a beautifully written piece about the essence of the most recent meeting in Granada.


Conferences are just the tip of the iceberg for Wabas, there are lots of other activities, my favorite of these was the Wabas12 video project. Graham is a big fan of video as a marketing medium and he set 12 of us a challenge to create 12 videos (Spain related of course), to go out on 12 days leading up to Christmas 2013. If you have a few minutes to spare take a look at My #Wabas12 experience where you will find the links to each participants Youtube channel so you can see what they all produced, grab yourself a coffee and have a watch it is well worth it! You should also read Lisa’s The 12 days of Christmas 2013, a confession and #wabas12.

Watch out for more great Wabas projects and Twitter chats coming soon to a social network near you. #AskWabas will be a chance for people living in Spain or thinking of moving to Spain to ask this knowledgeable group any Spain related questions they like.

Last, but by no means least, is the newest Wabas project which is a Facebook page for Wabas members, a place to share their blog posts, newspaper articles, books and more where they will be shared by all of us on our social networks. Pop over to the page www.facebook.com/writersandbloggersaboutspain to read all the amazing content about Spain that we will be sharing, don’t forget to give us a like to see the posts in your newsfeed!

Wabas was founded by Graham Hunt and is also managed by Lisa Sadleir from Family Life in Spain and Maya Middlemiss from Costa Connected. If you want to be a part of Wabas, these are the people you need to impress!!