Twitter Housekeeping Tips

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Does your Twitter account feel unmanageable at times? Have you let it get out of control? Doing a little Twitter housekeeping occasionally will help you keep on top of things so you don’t feel overwhelmed and fail to get the best out of Twitter. Follow this checklist, it takes a few minutes a week to do your housekeeping…

  1. Sort out your profile, check it weekly to make sure everything you have on there is relevant, check your links are working and that you have a current profile and header image on there. If someone follows me with an egg or no header photo I don’t follow back, if they can’t make the effort to do the very simple task of adding their photo then they aren’t going to take the time to post interesting content or engage with me are they?
  2. Unfollow inactive accounts. Twitter users become inactive over time, keep an eye on the people you follow and if they haven’t tweeted for 3 months or more there’s a pretty good chance they aren’t engaging with or seeing your posts. It is pointless to follow these accounts, they offer no benefits as they aren’t posting or seeing your posts so you may as well unfollow them. I use (free version) to look for inactive accounts, it allows you to unfollow 100 accounts a day so can clear out your clutter. Don’t worry you can always follow them again if they come back to Twitter.
  3. Unfollow eggs and spammers. Go through the people you follow and make sure they are all real people and are tweeters you want to see in your feed. If they aren’t then get rid of them, it’s pointless to follow people who are of no value to you. Use to clear more of your clutter.
  4. Unfollow people who don’t follow you back. Ok not everyone who doesn’t follow back, I mean the chances of Justin Bieber following you back are pretty slim, just the people who aren’t of any relevance to you. There are lots of Twitter users who follow just to get followed back then they unfollow you, don’t do this, it’s not nice! Make sure you regularly check the people you’re following and if they don’t follow back and are of no value to you then just unfollow.
  5. Sort out your followers. I know it’s a hard thing to do but you can force people to unfollow you. Why would you want to do that I hear you cry? Having big numbers is all very well but if 90% of those followers are offering no value to you or your business, you should get rid. Use an app like SocialBro to force Twitter users to unfollow your account. If you have ever bought Twitter followers you have a big job on your hands as 100% of those bought followers will be eggs, porn stars or people who don’t speak your language so take a deep breath and bin them!
  6. Change your pinned tweet. Pinning a tweet that’s 6 months old doesn’t look very professional, pin a relevant tweet whether it’s a promotional tweet for you, a charity or fundraising tweet or something interesting from one of your influencers, make sure it’s fresh and relevant.
  7. Read through your tweets. Sometimes (ok all the time) we tweet in a hurry just to get some content out there, it’s all too easy to make spelling mistakes, use links that don’t work or have tweets on there that are no longer relevant. Correct your mistakes and delete anything that’s no longer current, it makes you look more professional which is vital for business, there’s nothing worse than a Twitter biz account having a rant about someone, swearing like a fish wife or talking about how hammered they got at the weekend. Just don’t do it.
  8. Use Twitter lists. Get into the habit of organising the people you follow into lists, it’s a great way to keep your account tidy, you have a constant source of great content in individual niches and it’s a brilliant way to get people to engage. How often have you been added to a list and immediately followed the person who added you?
  9. Get into the habit of posting or scheduling your tweets regularly. You’re only as relevant as your last 5 tweets, there is so much noise on Twitter that you will get lost unless you are consistent with your content. Find a source of great content, write your own, use images and graphics and keep it interesting, if people like your stuff they will share it which means you’ll get more exposure and more followers. Use scheduling software such as Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your tweets for the week.
  10. Follow new people. Search for influencers in your niche and follow them, add them to lists, engage with them. Just 10 a day will add value to your Twitter account and increase your followers too.

You can do all of the above in 15 minutes a day if you get into a routine, it’s really simple and gives you a clear focus for your Twitter campaign when you have got rid of the clutter. Keep on top of your Twitter Housekeeping! Follow me on Twitter @soc1albutterfly for more social media tips.