Reasons startups should outsource their work

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Startups should outsource their workload to freelance professionals to utilise their cash injection when they are starting out. Startups can get funding from government grants, crowdfunding or investors, which they can use to hire professional freelancers so they can launch with a bang rather than a fizzle. There’s no point struggling with a million and one small jobs when you can get the help you need.

There’s a lot to do so hire someone to do your admin, even if it’s temporarily, to get organisational systems in place. You or you and your partners cannot wear every hat, delegate jobs to people who are strong where you are weak or time-starved. Even if organisation and admin is your thing, get someone else to be the legs frantically paddling beneath the surface so you can be the graceful swan gliding Zen-like on the surface. Get used to using project management and communication apps for hiring freelancers to make for smooth communication and meeting deadlines. If you don’t know where to start with these, ask someone who does, ask them to train your team on ‪the many online tools to make your life easier.

Pre-launch hire a social media manager to get your social networks up and running, get established before you even start and get a name for yourself. If you create your network before you even launch, you’ll have a fabulous group of people all ready and willing to share your awesome products or services, it will make your job SO much easier.


Even if you don’t plan to outsource this job long-term, use the freelancer while you have them to train someone in your in-house team to continue with the good work they started. Don’t, as so many do, give up on social media after someone has built up your networks, keep it up and if you can’t find the time, enthusiasm or knack to do it, then outsource it. Also don’t think ‘that looks easy, we don’t need to pay someone to do that’. In the majority of cases your social media efforts will be well down the list of your priorities. If you’re paying someone to do it for you, they are doing it properly, not half-heartedly as it often ends up being when companies decide to go it alone.

If you don’t have an in-house web designer build a relationship with a freelance website designer, you should be constantly updating and improving your website so a good on-going relationship is vital for those future tasks you will always need to be done. Hire a professional graphic designer to create all your main logos and stick to the same fonts and colours when using images and creating social network covers to keep things consistent. Keep a file of all the components of your logos including the colour codes for future use. Use freelancers to make simple graphics for social media posts, flyers etc, this isn’t a skilled job and could be easily done by a VA on Canva etc.

Include a blog in your shiny new website, put stuff on it, and hire someone to do this if you can’t find the time. It doesn’t cost the earth to hire someone to write a couple of blog posts every week for you but it’s one of those jobs that’s difficult to keep up with when you need to do it all yourself. Just hire a freelancer to do it and save yourself the heartache and that neglected blog guilt!

There are so many more reasons that start-ups should outsource their work and so many different tasks that can be outsourced. You can hire a freelancer as a permanent part of your team, someone to help you with all the niggly tasks when you launch, or even do a few odd jobs for you. In this ever changing world of work, you could even end up with a global virtual team of dedicated workers, without having the overheads of having to employ people and rent an office space. Sounds appealing hey?

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