The Countdown to Wabas14

So the countdown begins! Wabas14 is a conference for members of Writers And Bloggers About Spain, a Facebook group founded by Graham Hunt of the Spanish Property Network. The conference this year will be held at the beautiful Hotel Andalucía Center in Granada who have very kindly given us their conference room for free. The esteemed company […]

Virtual friends can be better than real friends

Guest post by Zofia Coulton Over the years I’ve been working in the world of online community I have often been impressed by the level of friendship and, well, community that is conveyed via message boards/forums etc. I think sometimes people feel they can open up more when in the more ‘anonymous’ world of online. […]

Why living in Spain can bring out the entrepreneur in you

So you are thinking of moving to Spain? Do you consider yourself to be an entrepreneur? There are a number of things to consider before making the big move, work being the most important aspect, unless of course you are retired. Unless you have your own business already that you can move with you wherever you […]

Facebook Rules (OK?)

It has come to my attention lately that in spite of lots of people regularly talking about it, myself included, people still don’t understand the basic Facebook rules so here are a couple of important ones for you… *Profiles Facebook profiles must be a real person using their real name, you cannot have a Facebook […]

Mars needs Moms

Guest post by Zofia Coulton. It’s a common dilemma for many mothers these days. When you’ve had your kids, do you go back to work? In many cases it’s not a choice but a financial necessity. So let’s assume you do choose to work. How easy is it to juggle motherhood with a career? Can […]

My #wabas12 experience

I had no idea what I was letting myself in for when I volunteered to be part of the #wabas12 video project, a brain child of the founder of the Facebook group “Writers and Bloggers about Spain” (WABAS). Graham Hunt asked for 12 volunteers to make 12 videos to go out over 12 days before Christmas. […]

What is #wabas12 all about?

I have only gone and volunteered myself to join in a video making project with a writers group I belong to! WABAS stands for writers and bloggers about Spain and the 12 is for 12 videos made by 12 people to go out at 12pm over 12 days….phew! Each person involved is making a series […]

Flutterview: Twitter interview with Alan Parks

Our second # flutterview twitter interview was with Alan Parks, author, alpaca breeder and resident of Southern Spain. Read what he has to say. SB: Tell us about your business  AP: 5 years ago we moved to Spain to breed alpacas. We live in the Olive Groves of Cordoba, in an Olive Mill with no electricity. We haven’t […]

5 Tips for Growing your Small Business

A guest post from Doug and Polly White. Successfully growing a small business is challenging in any environment. It’s even more difficult in economically troubled times. In conducting research for our book, Let Go to Grow; why some businesses thrive and others fail to reach their potential, we discovered five tips that can help entrepreneurs […]

Forums as a form of Social Media Marketing

Are forums a viable form of Social Media Marketing? If your website has a forum are you using it to your best advantage? Forums are a great tool to get your brand out there and having your own forum gives you a captive audience. You are in control of the content and you can steer subjects to […]