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Do you want to grow your networks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Biz Flutter is a network of business people who help each other to grow on social media. Take the following steps to begin to increase your networks and become a part of an exciting new community of like-minded people on social media…

1: Join our Facebook group to take part in discussions and activities

2: Follow @soc1albutterfly on Twitter

3: Follow @Biz_Flutter on Twitter

4: Follow all members of the Biz Flutter Twitter list

5: Retweet all tweets that include #BizFlutter

6: Follow @soc1albutterfly on Instagram

7: Submit a *guest blog about your business, or about business tips in general to my blog which has over 30,000 views each month

8: Keep checking the social media accounts for activities and tasks.

The idea of this new networking group is to support each other and help to increase our engagement and following on social media. It’s so difficult to make any headway on social media these days, especially if you are a new business, so we are creating a network of people so that we can help each other to get started, and more importantly to keep going, on the three main social networks.

Following the steps above will enable you to immediately increase your social network contacts. In the future, when we have built up the network a little, we will be creating tasks and activities for you to take part in to further expand your reach. The aim of social media is to drive traffic to the place where you sell your sell your products or services, whether it’s your website, blog, online shop or Facebook page, you need to get your social media posts seen to make that happen.

There is far too much noise on the social networks for every post to be seen so each network has its own algorithms that allows certain posts to be seen by certain people. The one thing that all the networks have in common is that the posts with the most engagement will be shown to the most people. We are not here to get millions of followers, that’s pointless if those followers don’t ever engage with you, our aim is to increase your social media engagement, and therefore your presence, with good quality, real people, who are genuinely interested in your business. If it was all as easy as having a couple of hundred, thousand followers on Facebook we could all just buy followers and be done with it. Sadly it just doesn’t work like that.

Join our network, get involved and watch your own networks and website traffic grow and thrive. Best of all, all of this is for FREE with just a little effort each day. Get started by joining our Facebook group today.

*Email your guest post on a word document along with any images to, make sure to add any links you would like to include. Guests posts will be accepted if they are spelled and formatted correctly, of good quality and are on the subject of your business, social media, writing, content marketing or similar. If you’re not sure just ask me.