Author: Diana Berryman

The #BizFlutter Twitter Challenge

Members of our newly formed BizFlutter  networking group will be embarking on our first real challenge, beginning on the 1st of November. It’s a simple challenge which will last for one month and the aim is to grow your Twitter following. Step one: make sure I have added you to my Bizflutter list on Twitter, […]

Content Marketing, what’s that all about then?

The following is a guest post from my friend Chris Mee of CM Boxing. Chris asked me about what I do and he was interested in learning more about content marketing. He decided to do his own research and here is what he discovered… Content Marketing, what’s that all about then? In this article I’ll […]

Work you can outsource to your VA or Social Media Manager

If you are looking to engage with your audience in 2016, you know that you need to have a good social media presence and online identity. Of course, knowing this is one thing, putting it into action is another matter entirely. While businesses are very much aware of the need to reach out to people […]

Twitter Housekeeping Tips

Does your Twitter account feel unmanageable at times? Have you let it get out of control? Doing a little Twitter housekeeping occasionally will help you keep on top of things so you don’t feel overwhelmed and fail to get the best out of Twitter. Follow this checklist, it takes a few minutes a week to […]

Reasons startups should outsource their work

Startups should outsource their workload to freelance professionals to utilise their cash injection when they are starting out. Startups can get funding from government grants, crowdfunding or investors, which they can use to hire professional freelancers so they can launch with a bang rather than a fizzle. There’s no point struggling with a million and […]

Writers and Bloggers About Spain Conference 2015

It comes around so quickly but it’s that time of year again. My favourite group of people, the writers and bloggers about Spain, from the Facebook page and group of the same name, will be meeting up for the annual conference, but this year it’s in my (almost) home town of Antequera in Andalucía, southern […]

Defining Virtual Assistance

Defining Virtual Assistance: By definition a virtual assistant is a person who works online, remotely to assist people with administrative tasks. I have noticed that many jobs posted for virtual assistants require the VA to be in a certain location which makes no sense at all! If you are looking for a PA to work […]

5 Reasons you should be Writing a Blog

Blog posts are your way of promoting your business and confirming your status as an expert in your field. If you don’t have a blog then it may be the time to set one up, writing a blog couldn’t be easier with WordPress. If you have a blog but never post then get to it, blog […]

What is Wabas?

Wabas is a Facebook group for writers and bloggers about Spain, founded by Graham Hunt of the Spanish Property Network in 2011. The aim of the group is for like-minded, positive people to come together for mutual benefit to promote Spain and all things Spanish. Check out Wabas member Molly’s take on What is WABAS […]